In this master class we will go beyond the hype of claiming thought leadership. Instead you gain a meaningful understanding of what thought leadership involves for your organisationʼs strategy. You will learn what thought leadership means, why it is important in todayʼs society of transformative change, and how to pursue it. After two days of highly interactive sessions in a characteristic setting, you will be equipped with a richer understanding of thought leadership and will return to your workplace with useful models, theoretical insights and methods to pursue thought leadership in your own organisation.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of what thought leadership is and why it is important.
  • Understand that thought leadership is not something that you claim, but earn as a result of your strategy, actions and commitment.
  • Understand the importance of starting from a Novel Point of View and become skilled in developing one for your own organisation.
  • Learn about the strategic models that can help you meet your specific thought leadership challenges.
  • Gain new insight by combining theories and real life practices
  • Apply these insights to your own organisation and get hands-on ideas for translating your novel point of view into actions, communications and results.
  • Engage with other participants in a characteristic and thought provoking atmosphere.



Mignon is experienced, skilled and supported me in a way that always aimed at strengthening me both as an academic and future communication leader.”

Hennie Koeken, Manager Strategy Erasmus MC.

The Master Elective in a nutshell:


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