Improving Roche´s understanding of stakeholders’ needs and expectations in a context of rapidly changing trends and issues (e.g., increasing health costs, transparency issues).
Activities: a trends/issues analysis, stakeholder interviews and internal focus groups to clarify the company’s current and desired identity. Based on these insights, I support Roche with shaping their thought leadership strategy.

ASN Bank
Laying out the organization´s thought leadership objectives with input from representatives from various departments.
Result: reflection on current activities and new ideas for improving their positioning and stakeholder relationships.

Before Leading Thoughts:

Against the backdrop of the financial crisis, a benchmark analysis of the current state of corporate communication challenges in the banking industry was conducted. The insights and recommendations were used by the BBVA Group to give new direction to their global strategic corporate communication in order to 1) improve the positioning of their brand and reputation, 2) strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and 3) better align their communications globally.

A cross-country brand analysis. The study was broken down into: 1) brand awareness, 2) brand likeability and 3) types of brand associations (among customers and B2B partners). Insights were used for AkzoNobel’s new global branding strategy


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