I work as an independent researcher, consultant and teacher, focusing on strategic questions related to corporate communication and thought leadership strategies.

My philosophy
My philosophy is that thought leadership is not something that you can self-proclaim. Rather, it is the natural outcome of organizational strategies that are truly driven by thought provoking viewpoints on topics that matter to stakeholders, the market and society. Hence, companies need a novel point of view that inspires and mobilizes stakeholders and that is aligned with the company’s vision, strategy, identity and actions. Based on this philosophy, I support organizations in their thought leadership challenges, teach at (business) schools, offer in-company presentations and speak at conferences and seminars about this topic.

My approach
When working with you, either as a manager or a student, I bring to our relationship:

  • A practice of first carefully listening to your ideas or challenges before forming my view
  • A practice of untangling, (re) structuring  and clarifying your thoughts, challenges or ideas
  • A belief that we should leverage the potential that is already there in your organization
  • A belief that ‘practice’ and ‘preach’ go hand-in-hand (it’s not first preach, but also not first practice)
  • A commitment to help you, your team or organization to reach your goals in your way

My professional background
I have a PhD in Corporate Communication and 10 years of experience in research, teaching and consulting at the Corporate Communication Centre at the Rotterdam School of Management. I have become skilled in taking an evidence-based approach to business problems (both qualitatively and quantitatively) and in making academic models practically useful for business. I navigate between academic thinking and intuitive creativity and pragmatism.

For personal background purposes
I am a social animal, like to understand what motivates people and am averse to people who put up walls around themselves. I love ‘free-thinkers’, entrepreneurs, and I am drawn to people who show variety in their personal interests. I tend to laugh loudly at dry jokes but am less talented at making them myself. Aside from my work, I enjoy being a mother to our daughter and son, living in a lively part of The Hague and enjoying Scheveningen Beach. I also like to be inspired by art, and to connect that with thought leadership. Check out my Pinterest page and feel free to share some of your creative connections between art and thought leadership!
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