Thought leadership is about encouraging people to discover new ways of thinking and acting. It is about challenging status-quo assumptions. It is intended to be a force that shapes the important dialogs of stakeholders; and for some organizations, one that drives them to change paradigms in the industry. Companies that build success on these types of thought leadership objectives, typically experience three kinds of outcomes.

A strengthened positioning in the market –they are regarded as the “trusted voice” and the “preferred partner” in their industry, simply because they have demonstrated that they understand their customers’ concerns and have triggered them to adopt new ways of thinking.

Legitimacy and admiration in the industry and society, simply because the company shows what it stands for and how it behaves as a result of its viewpoints on important themes.

A positive influence on the inspiration and enthusiasm of their employees, simply because the novel viewpoint brings about refreshing ways of thinking and behaving within the organization, and instills a sense of pride and belonging to something that is bigger than the organization’s products or services.


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